About IOB

The Institute of Online Business (IOB) is an educationally focused company that delivers Online Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Consultation and an Online Learning Center Network. 

The Institute of Online Business.com was founded because of a need to provide easy, quick and affordable ways to help anyone regardless of their education or financial background be able to set up and run their own online business. Our Seminars, Workshops and Books provide a vast range of expert information on all aspects of building and online business, internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

Our self-study courses are available worldwide. We have students in more than 58 countries worldwide.

We aim to educate

  1. Beginners to the Internet
  2. People wishing to create a website for home based businesses
  3. Small Business Start Ups
  4. Small Businesses
  5. Medium Sized Businesses
  6. Corporations
  7. Non profit organisations

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Institute of Online Business


Career Prospects

Successful applicants may use this qualification to work towards applying for positions such as:

  • Online Marketing Professional
  • Online Advertising Coordinator
  • Search Engine Optimiser
  • Media Marketing Officer
  • Online Media Manager
  • Web Copywriter
  • Web Content Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Website Traffic Manager
  • Affiliate Marketer

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Why Study with Us

Our online courses take a holistic approach to web site promotion, focusing on the importance of web site design, functionality and usability as well as search engine compatibility.

Our course material consists of the most current optimization methodologies based on the very latest industry data and algorithmic changes by the search engines.

Our tutors are highly experienced but also fun people to be around and learn from. We don’t bore you with jargon or blind you with science (at least, not intentionally).

We know what night-owls search engine optimizers can be, so we have made available both tutor supervised courses and self-study courses for you to take at your own pace. Just choose your preference.


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How it Works

The courses are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offered entirely online, to be taken at your own pace, in a time-frame that suits YOU.

Why Choose Us

  • Access our Free Sample Lessons
  • 24/7 access to training materials
  • User-friendly self-paced interactive online formats
  • Up to date and industry relevant training
  • Stop/start study as time permits
  • WooCommerce Plugin Integration

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